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Meet the team behind BXL in 30 days


Editor and founder Tony Mallett is a journalist of three decades standing, who came to Brussels on a "six-month contract"12 years ago. While here, he has worked with various media in both the EU and leisure sectors (sometimes managing to combine the two). He is passionate about Manchester United, Belgian chocolate and once won a national award for writing about his other great love, beer. Reach him direct at

Writer Martin Banks has been working in Brussels since 2001, having been a regional newspaper journalist in the UK since 1980. A freelance, he works for a range of media mostly covering the EU. His hobbies include watching Leeds United (through his fingers) and gently sipping Leffe beer.

Cedric Dautinger is a young journalist from Brussels. He currently writes for Around Brussels in 30 Days, Guido, Le Soir and manages his own website with a friend. Passionate about almost everything, he looks forward to living in a better world.

Lucy Mallows is a travel journalist, photographer, translator, Central Europaphile, bonne viveuse and girl about towns - as long as they begin with a B: Brussels, Budapest, Bratislava, Brno, Brixton and now Brighton. She wrote the first guidebooks to Bratislava, Slovakia and Transylvania while Disappearing Budapest ( is her blog-homage to her beloved former hometown. Contact her directly at

Mike Moscrop is a freelance ghostwriter and website reviewer who in his spare time reviews video games. Despite living in Sweden, he's constantly flying in and out of Belgium's capital, where he lived for many years. He’s reachable direct at

Restaurant reviewer Daphne Wayne-Bough is a renowned style guru, socialite and gourmet. A former diplomatic wife, she’s a polyglot and occasional writer for Around Brussels in 30 Days. This she does purely for the pleasure of sharing the many gastronomic treasures of Brussels with fellow expats. Read more at


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