Coworking: the perfect solution for startups

There is one thing most startups have in common: they usually don't have a huge budget.

As a result, finding a suitable workspace can often be a problem. Working from home can be nice for some time, but it does have its disadvantages. However, renting a private office space is often prohibitively expensive for those who want to keep an eye on their expenses.

Wherever there is a problem, a solution presents itself, in this case in the form of coworking. For those who don't know what the concept of coworking entails, it's really quite simple: basically, you rent a desk in a shared workspace, and certain amenities are put at your disposal.

Brussels sports quite a few coworking centres, two notable examples being Burotel and Orionagroup.


The advantages of coworking

The reason so many startups and budding entrepreneurs choose to work in a coworking space is simple enough: you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Not only does it provide you with a professional environment in which to ply your trade, there are also numerous other advantages;

  • You don't just rent a desk in a coworking office: usually you get a lot of other services like printing and scanning, a high-speed internet connection, a staffed reception desk and phone answering service;
  • The possibilities for networking are endless: where at home you were virtually isolated from the business world, in a coworking office you are surrounded by other professionals who can become your clients, your providers, your source of information and in some cases even your friends;
  • Most coworking offices also put meeting rooms at your disposal, so you can receive your prospects or clients in style.

If you're working independently and are wondering what the best office solution is, give coworking a chance. You won't regret it!

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