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Brussels Sightseeing bus

You can  live in a city for years and never get around to doing some of the basic stuff but, due to a friend arriving from the UK, Bxl30Days took a tour bus trip around Brussels. And, yes, it was freezing.

Sitting on the top deck in the cold has its compensations though, as you get much better views of the city, its buildings and monuments andd on these bus tours, the sights include Parc Cinquantenaire, the Bourse, the European Parliament and, of course, the Atomium.

Several companies operate the tours and the price is around €20 for adults - although you do get to keep the dinky little headphones that go with the multi-lingual commentary.

Tickets are valid for 24 hours so you can get on and off when you want - essential given that buses don’t actually stop in Grand’Place or at the Mannekin Pis, but park up a short walk away.

Value-wise, we reckon it’s just about worth the price, especially if you have a guest in town.

For tours, check out:

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