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Brussels comedy club poster

Enjoy Brussels and learn French in a fun and effective way

As the seasons change and a new autumn begins, why not have fun learning to talk and write, cook and play Belgian style...en Français?

Brussels Greeters: an organisation that helps visitors and expats discover the city

brussels greetersWondering what to do with family and friends when they come over to visit? Worry-eth not. Because this is a cracking concept.
Brussels Greeters Network provides encounters with local residents to discover Brussels through the eyes of someone who lives in and knows the city.
Greeters are made up of around 80 volunteers who love Brussels and want to share their passion and knowledge with newcomers.

Float on: see Brussels by Boat

Many of us enjoy messing about in boats – and it’s a fun and slightly different way to look at the landscape surrounding  Brussels, writes Martin Banks.

Fine wining and dining by Brussels Tram

For many of us, the humble tram is part and parcel of everyday life in Brussels. If we’re not climbing aboard them, we’re dodging them - either on foot, in our cars or on our bikes.

Brussels Sightseeing bus

You can  live in a city for years and never get around to doing some of the basic stuff but, due to a friend arriving from the UK, Bxl30Days took a tour bus trip around Brussels. And, yes, it was freezing.

Cinquantenaire Park Brussels

In 1880 Belgium celebrated the 50th anniversary of its independence (it recently celebrated its 180th)...This park was built for the celebration.

Palais de justice - Brussels palace of justice

The gigantic building dominates the area around Place Louise and the Sablon. It is truly gargantuan.

Brussels Atomium : Heysel exhibition park

This totally weird ‘working monument’ was built for the World Trade Fair of 1958 at the Heysel exhibition park. The fair was the first such exhibition to take place following the Second World War and took a ride on the coat-tails of a newly vibrant Europe.

Manneken Pis of Brussels : peeing statue!

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Berlin has the Brandenburg Gate, Giza has the Pyramids…and Brussels has the Manneken-Pis.

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