So spa, so good!

Serendip, ancient name of Sri Lanka, is the origin of the word serendipity, which means ‘to make fortunate and unexpected discoveries guided by your inner wisdom and your intuitions.’

OK, so far so good. And it gets better - on 12 December 2012 at 12:12, wellness centre Serendip Spa, at Brussels’ Place Stephanie, unveiled its new look and feel in the wake of recently being taken over by long-time customers.


The International Spa Association recently released research to report that the spa industry currently outpaces economic growth. And, as our personal and professional lives continue to get busier and more complex, an increasing number seek the long-lasting benefits of well-being treatments that spas have to offer.

Corporations are also taking notice and offer more personnel benefits to their employees to help combat the fact that stress is one of the biggest reasons for company illnesses.
Customers are looking for results-driven treatments and want to see and feel the difference after their spa experiences.

With this in mind, Serendip Spa has positioned itself as a luxurious holistic wellness centre, with an oriental atmosphere offering traditional massages and specialised treatments using ancient techniques, derived from century-old traditions and ancient wisdom. It combines five-star luxury with modern, ancient and specialised techniques given by passionate and highly qualified therapists.

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