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L'atlantide: Greek restaurant near Schuman

atlantide brusselsBe assured that there’s absolutely top-notch Greek food available at affordable prices at L’Atlantide, near Schuman, in the heart of the European Quarter.
The food, service and surroundings all tick the right boxes and how often can you say that when it comes to dining out?

Look out for the Saganaki (fried cheese) and Haloumi (grilled cheese) while main dishes include the Ladorigani (lamb shoulder with oregano) and Kokinisto (lamb in tomato sauce). But there are also some old favourites featured, including mousasaka and kebabs. Try to round things off with some quite sublime home-made walnut cake.
Everything is overseen by Vassilis and Sprios Arvanitis, brothers who came to Brussels more than 20 years ago after studying in Paris.
With the EU quarter still in its infancy, they cleverly spotted a niche for a Greek restaurant in the area, serving the sort of food that, well, mamma used to make.
The menu doesn’t change much but, then again, the food is so good that it doesn’t have to. As is the wont with Greek cuisine, the fare is heavily based on the use of virgin olive oil (specially imported from Crete), fresh vegetables and herbs, which means you’re guaranteed not only a delicious meal but a healthy one too.
The Greek community in Belgium is said to number about 15,000. Many came to Belgium to work in the now-closed mines but have gone on to become professionals in other industries, such as food. This Greek home-from-home seats 38 and and is a world away from those found around Grand’Place – it’s is the real deal.


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