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Brasserie Midi Station: A cool combo of food, wine and jazz

midi stationA cool combo of food, wine and jazz close to the international train hub of Brussels

If you thought music and food don’t mix well, then terrific brasserie Midi Station will prove you wrong. Visitors can enjoy a fantastic choice of dishes while listening to some of the best jazz and funk tunes in town.
As the blurb says: ’if Brussels is the heart of Europe, Brussels South is its soul - less polished than the European quarter, but with more colour.’

Pride of place on the impressive menu goes to the delicious Hereford free-range beef supplied by Jack O’Shea, the award-winning butcher. He may have run into recent trouble at a posh shop in London for selling banned foie gras, but you really can’t knock the lad’s beef.
Other than Jack’s joints, the choice of meats span the continent: there’s French Charolais beef,  ‘little ham’ from the Belgian Ardennes, braised Iberico pork and Scottish Angus rib eye.
And there’s plenty on offer for non-meat eaters, including Scottish salmon and cod ‘Rossini’ monkfish. There’s also an oyster bar with mouth-watering oysters from Zeeland, Ireland and Normandy. All dishes are lovingly prepared in an open-plan kitchen.
There’s €35 euro ‘menu of the month’ and, unusually, even a cigar lounge. Apart from the heavenly blue smoke, you’re sure to enjoy its luxury and privacy. Designer lanterns shine on tropical fish, the stylish leather sofas and, oh-my-God, the billiard room.
There are also cocktails (happy hour, from 17-18:00, Thursday-Friday) and a wine list with classics, plus a selection of lesser-known ‘bio’ varieties.
Such a venture can hardly be located in Brussels without offering at least some of the best Belgian authentic beers, such as De Papegaei, of the Verstraete brewery, the Gusto Golden Blond or the Blanche de Namur (which was recently named best white beer in the world). And that’s just a sample of what’s on offer.
The service is as great as the setting and dining out here is a genuine treat. And don’t forget to check out the website for updates on the musicians appearing there.
Brasserie Midi Station offers great food and enjoyment. All in all, the place has a very international feel and you really might be in Paris, Amsterdam or London. Then again, you could simply be in a very cool bar in the Capital of Europe...


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