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Yen Ping Restaurant: Chinese food in Brussels

Yen Ping restaurant, established for several years, is still undiscovered by many Brussels folk.
One reason could be that it’s tucked away down a street near the Flemish Parliament and is, therefore, frequented by plenty of lunchtime office workers but maybe not so many others living in various parts of the city.

L'atlantide: Greek restaurant near Schuman

atlantide brusselsBe assured that there’s absolutely top-notch Greek food available at affordable prices at L’Atlantide, near Schuman, in the heart of the European Quarter.
The food, service and surroundings all tick the right boxes and how often can you say that when it comes to dining out?

Brasserie Midi Station: A cool combo of food, wine and jazz

midi stationA cool combo of food, wine and jazz close to the international train hub of Brussels

If you thought music and food don’t mix well, then terrific brasserie Midi Station will prove you wrong. Visitors can enjoy a fantastic choice of dishes while listening to some of the best jazz and funk tunes in town.
As the blurb says: ’if Brussels is the heart of Europe, Brussels South is its soul - less polished than the European quarter, but with more colour.’

Madagasikara : Authentic food from Madagascar in downtown Brussels

Do not be fooled at first glance by the unassuming nature of Madagasikara restaurant, right in the heart of downtown Brussels.
It may not seat that many but if you’re lucky enough to in, you won’t regret it.

Garuda: Indonesian Restaurant in Brussels

Dive in to some great Indonesian cuisine in Brussels. Think Bali, Sumatra and Java

You’ll stuggle to find better Indonesian cuisine anywhere in Brussels than at Garuda.

Indian Restaurants in Brussels

indian restaurants in brusselsIndian country, Brussels style: Daphne Wayne-Bough tries out some of the city’s Indian restaurants

Subcontinental food is becoming popular in Belgium, if the increasing number of Indian restaurants in Brussels is anything to go by. There are now about 40 in Brussels alone.
Unfortunately French gastrofascism got its garlicky fingers into Belgian culinary tradition decades ago, and anything that is not in the Larousse Gastronomique is viewed with suspicion, if not outright fear.  I met a couple in Paris once who would not go to Chinese restaurants because there was no bread on the table!  Indian cuisine is therefore adapted to local palates, which is not always a bad thing. The lower the chilli factor, the more you can taste the subtle blends of spices.

Toukoul: Ethiopian restaurant in Brussels

ethiopian restaurant brusselsWhat does the name Ethiopia conjure up for you? Maybe long-distance running - if you can name one Ethiopian it will likely be Haile Gebreselassie, marathon man par excellence. You may also think of coffee (quite likely they invented it). Oldest Christian church in the world, anyone? And going even further back, Ethiopia can stake a valid claim to be the birthplace of civilization. If that proves to be the case, then we are all Ethiopians.

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