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New erotica museum opens in Brussels

brussels erotica museumBrussels has joined Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Moscow, New-York and more with the opening of a museum for Erotic Art and Mythology.

Located in a three-storey 18th-century house, just off the Sablon, the museum is one of the best private collections in Europe, with rare paintings, sculptures, Greco-roman antiquities, Ivories, Japanese prints and plenty more besides. Says the man behind it all, Antwerp-born Guy Martens: “The word erotica comes from the Greek god Eros. The idea is to show what is sacred about love.”
One spectacular member (ho ho) of the collection is a marble bust of the Greek Phrygian god Attis, which originates from Anatolia and was made in the 1st century BC.


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