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Kubrick in Focus – showing in Brussels

Until July 2012, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels will host a show of photographs by director Stanley Kubrick. In Kubrick’s photos, which he took between 1945 and 1950, visitors will discover all of the leitmotivs that the director subsequently developed in his films.
These exceptional images display an aesthetic control that is unusual in a young artist just out of high school. Mastery is an essential theme of the show – the 130 photographs will be juxtaposed with paintings from the Royal Museums that reflect the extent to which Kubrick, throughout his life, used painting as an
inspirational touchstone for the construction of an image.
For Kubrick, these links were at once psychological and analytical; drawing on works from Hieronymus Bosch to Francis Bacon, the museum’s visual heritage will be highlighted in the service of an œuvre that speaks to our present moment.
For more information on the expo, click here.

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