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Flanders: All you need to know

Regular readers may remember our introduction to Fans of Flanders in a previous issue, and the start of September sees the beginning of the operation’s 2nd season, as the weekly episodes return to TV screens.

After the success and popularity of the first season, the team has distilled the best and added some new segments to the collection in its efforts to bring Flanders to the world...and the world to Flanders.

This season they’ll be looking at recipes from around the world, getting some interesting insights from some of the younger expats, and providing a new source of knowledge with #SOSFlanders, answering questions, such as how to seduce a Flemish guy or girl (no, really), what music to pick for your party and more. You can tune in from this first week, in September.

So, what’s it all about?. In a nutshell, it’s an interactive social media channel involving TV, a dedicated website, online blogs, and posts that aim to explore the wonderfully quirky and oft-times surreal world of Flanders.

The idea is for readers to get to know as much as they want to about the Flemish people so, with that in mind VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster, dreamed up the concept. Using a dynamic (and rather cool looking) online platform and a weekly television show (broadcast every Wednesday on OP12, Thursdays on Canvas and every Saturday on één) the team pledges to take us on trips to the known and lesser-known parts of this tiny piece of Europe.

Another aim is to try to help expats living in the region feel more at home there, even though they are well away from their place of origin.

All in all it’s a pretty ambitious interactive project that obviously needs people like you to help it succeed.

So we hereby suggest that you pop along and check out the website soon. You can also visit the Facebook page, which you’ll find by clicking right here.

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