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Flanders: All you need to know

Regular readers may remember our introduction to Fans of Flanders in a previous issue, and the start of September sees the beginning of the operation’s 2nd season, as the weekly episodes return to TV screens.

After the success and popularity of the first season, the team has distilled the best and added some new segments to the collection in its efforts to bring Flanders to the world...and the world to Flanders.

This season they’ll be looking at recipes from around the world, getting some interesting insights from some of the younger expats, and providing a new source of knowledge with #SOSFlanders, answering questions, such as how to seduce a Flemish guy or girl (no, really), what music to pick for your party and more. You can tune in from this first week, in September.

Rush to repair Flanders war graves as WWI anniversary looms

With the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One approaching, the rush is on to repair thousands of headstones in Belgian war cemeteries.

A century of wind and weather has worn the surfaces of 12,000 headstones in Tyne Cot cemetery in Zonnebeke, Flanders, making names hard to read.

Some gravestones are chipped or cracked and the stones are no longer perfectly aligned.

Prestige des Sacres champagne: No sham, no pain

My fearless editor, I think it’s safe to say, knew that I would come around to the idea.

‘James, fancy a Saturday tasting trip to Prestige des Sacres Vineyard in Champagne with Global Grapes? You’ll have to do me a write-up, of course, but, well…’

…well, I had to think about it for all of ten seconds, check off my proposed absence (and potential state of inebriation upon my return) with my beloved (check), and I was in.

I mean to say, I have already had the privilege and pleasure of attending one of Global Grape’s excellent wine tastings, at the home of one of the institution’s co-owners, so I really couldn’t see how a trip to the heart of Champagne near Reims would be any less of a joy.

Visit Bruges - with bells on!


Bruges is one of the most popular places for overseas visitors in Belgium, writes Martin Banks. The Venice-style canals, olde-worlde charm coupled with historic monuments such as its Belfry and Markt all make for a wonderful day out.

But when it comes to visitor attractions, ‘sound art’ is the city’s new (and ultra modern) kid on the block.

De Panne : places to visit along the Belgian coast

A short break by the seaside may not be the obvious option for expats and visitors to Brussels but, actually, a trip to the Belgian coast for a few days can be great fun.
One of the best places to head for is De Panne, well-known for its nature reserves and the widest beach on the coast – as the local tourist guide describes it “a golden yellow paradise”.

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