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Brussels Film Festival 10th birthday

brussels film festivalThis year, the Brussels Film Festival - (BFF) celebrates its 10th birthday, so, from 8-16 June, there will be more than enough to keep intelligent cineastes happy.
As the festival’s website says, you don’t always need to travel far to travel the world and, with 50+ films featured this year, BFF is set to take you on an amazing journey.
Some will feature in the Official Competition,while others will be much-anticipated premieres, and BFF is also a perfect opportunity to meet up-and-coming directors and favourite actors who will also be in attendance.
And, this year, BFF is also welcoming three international masterclasses, featuring Peter Aalbaek, the producer of Lars von Trier, Jean-Michel Bernard, the appointed composer of Michel Gondry, and Peter Greenaway. We’ll have more news on what you can expect nearer the launch.

BIFFF’s 30th year in Brussels

BIFFFFor 29 years now, the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) has roused the European capital from its winter/early spring sleep for the most exciting cinematographic event of the year.

Alternative Cinema in Brussels

Enjoying a movie doesn’t have to mean staying at home or sitting in a sanitised multiplex. Brussels has several alternative options and first one up is the Styx cinema, dubbed “Le cinema de la memoire”.

Established in the late 60s, Styx offers an extensive selection of independent releases and classics from its townhouse location in Ixelles.

Styx is one of the smallest commercial cinemas in Europe (two theatres with 38 seats each) and one in which filmgoers can enjoy a varied collection of films in a nearly reverential setting.

Top 5 favorite movie endings

As we all bid farewell to summer (gee, wasn’t it great? Hmmm), Brussels local Picturenose’s James Drew and Colin Moors offer their definitive top five favourite finales of all time. Do let us know whether you agree, won’t you?

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