Summertime City!

Some half-decent weather is at last popping up here and there - and the Brussels Summer Festival is always a highlight, so put it in your diary.

This annual music marathon (held from 9-18 August this year) will have more than 280 free concerts in a diverse range of music styles, featuring rock, world music, jazz, hip hop, folk and reggae.

The festival also means a fabulous coming-together of different forms of artistic expression, including street theatre, travelling groups, a circus and much more.

Alrady happening, though, is Brussels les Bains (Brussels Beach). Until Sunday 11 August the ‘beach’ is back at its usual spot on Quai des Péniches, down by the canal. So go get a new cozzie.

This annual urban beach features thousands of metres of fine sand, palm trees, sports pitches, food huts, plus endless games and activities...all in downtown Brussels.

Enjoy having a blast with sandcastle builders, Zen masters, pétanque players, foodies, fans of rock and hip hop and lovers of everything exotic.

While it’s all great fun and free to enter there are some basic rules: no swimming in the canal, no pets, no bottles or other glass objects anywhere on the site and no radios. Not too tough, really.

Throughout August and until early September, the Royal Palace will be open to the general public.

This is your chance to wander around the rooms, corridors and up-and-down the monumental stairs. There are plenty of valuable artworks on show, as well as decorations, collected from several continents through a multitude of eras.

Although there’s no floral carpet in 2013 (it’s every other year) flower lovers can, in the meantime - 15-18 August, enjoy Floralientime, during which event Brussels City Hall will be transformed into a walking garden full of vibrant colours and heavenly scents.

Internationally renowned landscape architects and floral artists will show off their skills by decorating the entrance, boardrooms and reception rooms of the majestic building.

Finally, if you can’t get there in person don’t forget to tune in to the Belgian Formula One Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps on 25 August.


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