Brussels current events

Summertime City!

Some half-decent weather is at last popping up here and there - and the Brussels Summer Festival is always a highlight, so put it in your diary.

This annual music marathon (held from 9-18 August this year) will have more than 280 free concerts in a diverse range of music styles, featuring rock, world music, jazz, hip hop, folk and reggae.

The festival also means a fabulous coming-together of different forms of artistic expression, including street theatre, travelling groups, a circus and much more.

Alrady happening, though, is Brussels les Bains (Brussels Beach). Until Sunday 11 August the ‘beach’ is back at its usual spot on Quai des Péniches, down by the canal. So go get a new cozzie.

The Kids Wanna Rock

Tony Mallett travelled
across Belgium to try out ‘Pop Factor’ at River Studios. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but he liked it...

Si, si. Je suis un rock star. Ok, well not quite - but speeding to the Ardennes on a recent Saturday, beer in one hand, cigarette dangling nonchalantly from the other, feet up on the dashboard with Led Zeppelin blasting through the speakers did feel decidedly rock ‘n’ roll, baby. Just as well someone else was driving.

Coming up soon in Brussels!



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