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Wallpaper City Guide Brussels

The magazine Wallpaper is universally and rightly renowned for being visually stunning and their city guides are no exception. The illustrations, while small, are very good and chosen with care and panache.

Also, everything you would expect content-wise is in here – mainly the obvious places to visit, the obvious bars and restaurants, the obvious shops, the obvious buildings and the obvious general backgrounders.
Yes, it’s all a bit, um, obvious but represents a nicely sectioned, pocket-sized introduction to the city for someone on a weekend or week-long visit. It’s not expensive, either, so it makes sense to have it lying around the house for mates or family when they pop in to see you.
In the end though, put bluntly, if you’ve been here for a while this guide will tell you very little that you didn’t know already.
But, to be fair, that’s not its primary purpose. If you really want to dive under the covers of the city you now call ‘home’, try the next book, below.


secret brusselsSecret Brussels: By Nicolas van Beek and Natalie Capart

Now we’re talking! This extensive, but again pocket-sized, guide does (pretty much) what it says on the tin. It’s aimed directly and, we would assume, successfully at the reader who has seen all the rest of the guides, ticked all the boxes, tried all the beers – in essence done the full on-the-surface tour of the Belgian capital.
From buildings off-the-beaten-track, to where to find the only section of our underground river that’s visible in the city, to a museum dedicated only to plastic, to many less well-known statues, hidden parks and so much more besides, this is a superb tool.
It’s perfect for helping – and encouraging - residents to use their spare weekends and evenings to find and enjoy parts of Brussels that they may have walked close to but never knew existed.
This book is full of gems and has clearly been created with intelligence and love. In essence, it’s brilliant.

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