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Wine tasting in Brussels with Global Grapes


Now, most of us love a glass or two of wine every now and again. Some of us love more than that. And some people are just so into the stuff that they have houses full of it and decide to turn their hobbies into a business.

That’s what happened to three Brussels-based guys who decided, a couple of years ago, to launch Global Grapes quietly and in ever-such-a-small way.

Only it didn’t quite stay like that. From offering top-quality wines mainly to friends and family, the trio now hosts regular tastings and provides bottles and cases to hundreds of thirsty and discerning customers all over the region.

At their regular events, wine lovers can sample a selection of around 20 wines in informal surroundings at a house in Ixelles. Participation is generally free, but the Global Grapes chaps do ask that interested parties sign up in advance, to give them an idea of how many glasses to prepare.

The wines at the tastings are all available for purchase and the prices represent excellent value across every style.

And there are plenty of ‘styles’. The selection is wide and varied (check out their website, where you can also sign up for the wine tastings and email newsletter). The stock on view on the site boasts a range that covers Champagnes, sparkling wine, whites, reds and rosés, plus fortified wines, digestifs and gourmandises.

There are large discounts for high-volume orders and costs are kept even lower as customers pick up the wine themselves.

At Bxlin30Days, we recently sampled a bottle of an Italian red by the name of Prima-Mano (2008) and it certainly did not disappoint, to the extent that some of our intrepid team will be signing up for the next tasting  event.

Now there’s no doubt that this city boasts some absolutely fantastic wine shops, several of which do regular tastings. But popping around to a wine-lover’s house has got to be about the best way of choosing some great bottles, in a truly relaxed and convivial manner. Santé!

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